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In one word – Perfect. I usually do not listen such music, but when I got the Archos MP3 player, there was Brave New World with some other songs from Wes. The songs are so great that I decide to buy this CD. And it’s a pleasure to listen over and over again. Thanks for perfect service and keep going Wes! — Janez (Slovenia)
Cool, sophisticated sounds. Ideal for relaxing to and for creating the perfect calm mood. Highly recommended. — Jerry Sly
I love this cd, a superbly crafted selection. It sort of puts you in a trance. The music touches your soul and puts you in a peaceful state. Totally relaxing, one of the finest smooth jazz pieces I’ve ever heard. I would recommend this cd to anyone. — Tom Dimitrio
Heard music on Archos, just had to have a couple of your CDs managed to get them from USA, can’t get your music here in Bonnie Scotland. Brilliant listening, fabulous sax player, musician and writer, THE BEST, Thank You! Look forward to your next CD, cheers! — Randolph Brown
First time I heard Wes Burden’s music on my new ARCHOS and from the first moment in love with it very much – perfect music to relax – many thanks to CD baby for a perfect service – hello from Germany — Reinhold
Your Christmas CD is a beautifully done collection of enchanting music that is timeless, creative, enchanting and unique. I will listen to this often! Old favorites take on new life, and I like the blending of world music / instruments along with the sax. Excellent! — Betsy Roberts
Brave New World, I love it. Wes Burden, you make me like Jazz like nobody. Great album, I’ll buy the other ones. — Charlie OKE
Tommy Emmanuel was always my favorite artist… then I heard a song by Wes that came on my Archos MP3 player… this is the best, hands down, cd I have heard…..!!! Wes is real quality!!!!! What a talent… more… more! — Craig Bryce
Ein Neuer Stern am Himmel wurde geboren. Hier wird Musik in Vollendung gespielt. — Joerg Duenkler
If a cd could be my soulmate, “Sunshine” would be mine. The songs and arrangements in this cd are performed with a happy, but gentle spirit, with rich tones that touch the heart. (This cd was lost after hurricane Rita. It was my favorite album, and I was delighted to be able to get another one for myself as well as one for a gift.) — Aggie Moreau
Fabulous, I love it. My girlfriend loves it. Definitely would come back and buy more. — Zheyu Hong
WOW Wes you made me a Jazz Fan! At first I only thought of Jazz as a boring thing or classy thing I can take a date to. Once I got my Archos GMINI, that all changed. Wes Burden’s Mirror changed my perspective on Jazz and I just love his music. It touches me, I know it sounds weird but thats what music should do, it should touch people. That is why I got this CD, so I can listen to the man who got me into Jazz. Wes, You Rock, keep doing your thing otherwise music is dead. I just hope you tour in NY in the future. — Steven
Like everybody I heard by my Archos and I enjoyed these songs. Good Jazz music, relaxing and favourable thinking. So I bought 2 CDs, Wes Burden and Brave New World. Good job from Cdbaby, I received in France quickly and in good condition. — FALANGA Fran├žois